About Us

About Busfood Events

Busfood was borne out of a real need in the Australian market for a mobile FULL commercial kitchen.

Busfood is not “just another food truck” - far from it!

Flexibility is key in everything Busfood does. From assisting you in launching your brand at media events and to the wider general public, to showcasing a full menu for your corporate guests, to bringing your bespoke menu to your wedding or party guests, we have you covered.

Let our Busfood staff assist you in creating an experience for the day, days, or weeks you need to make an impression, and it’s yours to play with.

busfood bus front

You can let your imagination run wild!

With two 55 inch commercial display screens to relay your message to guests while they enjoy their food, and broadcast quality cameras inside the Mercedes bus ready to stream your brand’s message (or show wedding photos from the day’s celebrations) the possibilities are endless.

Busfood comes with in-house consultants who will help you with your brief, undertake reccies, and cost up your project for you, and assist you in impressing your client, ensuring the client can see it’s money well spent.